WALKING THE LINE FOR DIABETES – Help Jennifer Walk from London to Parliament Hill!

Date: May 2nd, 9:00 am - June 6th, 11:00pm

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Help Jennifer
walk from London to Parliament Hill

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Join us as we raise awareness, educate and raise funds for Diabetes. Jenn Miller will walk from London to Ottawa beginning May 2, 2016 in 60 days!

Jenn will leave from Banting House in London on May 2nd and walk to Parliament Hill while raising funds!

Mother of 2 young daughters with Type 1 Diabetes

My Families journey began May 2nd 2011 when my eldest daughter Haylee was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. We grew concerned with Haylees symptoms when they continued to get worse and not better. After the doctor checked her over and ran a few tests it was determined Haylee needed to head to emergency to begin insulin. We knew at that moment our lives would never be the same. Our normal lives would now turn into glucose monitoring, carb counting, insulin injections, sleepless nights, anxiety, confusion and financial stress. From day 1 Haylee taught us about strength and courage, I needed this from her as I myself crumbled inside. This is not what I signed up for when I wanted to be a mom. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be standing in front of my child with her crying hysterically begging me not to give her the next injection. It breaks your heart but Diabetes gives you no time off and no skipping injections, If I didn’t I knew my daughter would die.

Speed ahead to family day 2015. My children were with there father while I was at work and my 2nd daughter Lilee had been showing some signs and symptoms but slightly different then Haylees. Her dad checked her glucose, the reading was in the high 20’s, we knew what this could mean and went straight to the emergency room. At the LHSC they confirmed what we feared and so began our 2nd journey with this unwelcomed guest.
Since then both girls have now showed me how to deal with the toughest situations and find the strength to get past them. Their strength amazes me everyday and I walk for them and all the families out there going through a similiar situation.

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