60 Minutes Just Scared The Crap Out of Me

Published On April 10, 2017 | By Steve Stax | Mornings

What was the last tv show you watched that scared the snot out of you? American Horror Story? The Walking Dead? How about 60 Minutes? 

Yup, I just said 60 Minutes. You might be wondering how an episode of 60 Minutes could be so frightening. Did Morley Safer return as a zombie and eat the current cast? Um…mercifully, no. 

It was, however, a piece that Anderson Cooper hosted titled “Brain Hacking” that got me more than a little bit anxious. 

Anderson Cooper: Is Silicon Valley programming apps or are they programming people?

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It’s all about addiction to our smart phones and social media and how apps and technology are programmed to foster this addiction. Essentially, unless something changes in the way tech companies program, we don’t really stand a chance at ever being liberated from the distraction.



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