Do you reward your kids for getting good grades? Did you get rewarded as a kid?

Published On July 13, 2017 | By Kate Wright | Middays

A new survey asked parents if they give their kids rewards for getting good grades.  

Kids have been out for a few weeks now…just curious, did you reward them for getting good grades this year? Were you rewarded as a kid?

1.  45% of parents say they praise their kids.


2.  36% give them a special gift.


3.  31% offer to take them on a special trip.


4.  27% give them cash.


5.  And 14% deposit money into their college fund.

19% of parents say they don’t give a reward for good grades because that’s just the expectation. I guess I’m part of the 19%! We all went out for ice cream to celebrate the fact they did well and that I was proud of them, but no money!

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