High Rent Prices Forcing California Families To Live In Vehicles

Published On May 3, 2017 | By Ryan Valdron | Afternoons

I saw this video early today and I was shocked.

Over in Mountain View, California…to rent a 2 bedroom apartment, you’re looking at $4,390 per month!

That said, families in the area are facing 50% rent increases within the year and can’t afford the property anymore, so they’re forced to live out of their vehicles. Oh, and we’re not talking one or two families…city streets are becoming lined for miles with vehicles of families living inside. Rent for a Silicon Valley apartment ranges from $3,500-4,500/month…you do the math on that — how can you afford to live? Some of these people seem completely content with their living situation and all the power in the world to them. As for raising a family inside a RV…imagine how tough that would be? Some of the people living out of their vehicles even have very well respected occupations, yet can’t afford to rent an apartment. The world we live in, eh?

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