Neil Peart Says It’s “Unlikely” Rush Will Ever Tour Again

Published On April 17, 2017 | By Ryan Valdron | Afternoons

In a recent interview, Alex Lifeson says that it’s very unlikely that Rush will back go back on tour together. Lifeson says, “I would say that it’s unlikely that we’ll tour again as Rush. Really, we toured for 41 years, and I have to say that first year off, I felt like I was grieving for my career and the band, but truly, 41 years of touring the way we toured, I shouldn’t feel badly about that.”

Lifeson did say there is the possibility of him and Geddy Lee collaborating. As of now, Lifeson is focusing on writing solo material, while Geddy is penning a new book on the history of bass guitar. As for Peart, he’s been living off the grid on the west coast spending time with his wife and young daughter. 


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